Kafka’s Dogdom

Kafka's Investigations Of A Dog

‘When our first fathers strayed they had doubtless scarcely any notion that their aberration was to be an endless one, they could still literally see the crossroads, it seemed an easy matter to turn back whenever they pleased, and if they hesitated to turn back it was merely because they wanted to enjoy a dog’s life a little while longer; it was not yet a genuine dog’s life, and already it seemed intoxicatingly beautiful to them, so what must it become in a little while, a very little while, and so they strayed farther. They did not know what we can now guess at, contemplating the course of history: that change begins in the soul before it appears in ordinary existence, and that when they began to enjoy a dog’s life, they must already have possessed real old dogs’ souls, and were by no means so near their starting point as they thought, or as their eyes feasting on all doggish joys tried to persaude them.’
—Franz Kafka, Investigations Of A Dog

‘And now I wanna be your dog’
–Iggy Pop

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